Welcome to the wonderful world of creating H5P content for your CALI eLangdell® book! H5P is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to add interactive questions to the text of your casebook. This guide intends to introduce some of the H5P options available and how you can best communicate your H5P content to us.

This guide will:

  1. Describe the default interactive content headings and question functionality settings you will see;
  2. Explain how to provide your H5P questions to CALI;
  3. Walk you through the various ways to structure feedback for multiple-choice questions;
  4. Provide the basic structure for True/False questions; and
  5. Introduce other interactive question types you might consider using.

Throughout the guide, you will encounter H5P question examples. You are encouraged to test the examples a few times to see how they function.

First, we’ll look at some headings and settings.


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